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Services, Capabilities & Machines

Tube bending, sanding, grinding, polishing, spot welding, tig mig and stick welding of stainless steel, mild steel including onsite welding.

Laser Welder

Handheld laser welding 2kw with wire feeder allowing us to do strong continuous welds fast and efficiently with low heat input meaning low distortion. Capable of welding a range of materials.


Guillotine Capacity:

5mm Stainless Steel

6mm Mild Steel

Cutting length 3 meters

n.c. back stop


250 Ton CNC.

Folding length of 4 meters.

Range of tooling to press a variety of radii (we can meet your radius requirements), all fold angles, and a safe edge tool.

Punch and Shear

80 Ton

Ability to punch round, square and oblong holes.

Shears, flat bars, round rod, square bar and angles notching tooling!

Water Jet Cutting CNC

Bed size: 3800 x 1800mm

Will cut all types of metals, glass, tiles, rubbers, plastics, fibre boards and more

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